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  • Several new evidence-based studies have led to a renewed scrutiny regarding the role antibiotics play in the success of dental implant therapy. This 60-minute webinar will provide a thorough literature review on this topic. Penicillin-allergic patients may have a higher risk of implant failure due to factors still poorly understood, and the widespread use of alternative antibiotics in such patients can create detrimental healthcare issues that extend beyond the dental implant. Therefore, clinicians should consider having a discussion with penicillin-allergic patients about the possibility of delabeling the penicillin allergy. Good antibiotic stewardship may play an important role not only in dental implant success, but in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Code: WCE240328R

  • Dental implant cases can be complex, and a thorough knowledge of surgical and restorative concepts is needed to ensure predictable outcomes. A prosthetic plan with adequate reverse engineering strategies, proper management of the soft tissue through surgical enhancement procedures, and accurate 3D placement are key to achieving lasting, predictable results. This presentation will establish clear surgical and restorative protocols to obtain successful outcomes. Code: WCE231018R

  • The types and patterns of craniomaxillofacial injuries sustained in the pediatric population differ from adult populations. This session will review management of both hard- and soft-tissue craniomaxillofacial injuries in the pediatric population. These management strategies will be contrasted to injuries in the skeletally mature patient. In addition, special considerations in this population will be reviewed – including dental development, scar maturation, growth abnormalities and ankylosis. The goal of this session is for OMSs to have increased confidence in managing the injured pediatric patient. Code: ODAM23SS16

  • Simulated emergency drills are an effective method to train the entire office team in unanticipated events that may occur in the OMS office. AAOMS has recently recommended quarterly office mock drills for all member offices. OMSs face the challenge of getting buy-in from all of the team members and regularly incorporating these drills into a busy schedule. This session will teach tips, tricks and practical suggestions on how to make emergency drills a routine in the practice. Code: ODAM23SS15

  • With the advancements made in regenerative medicine, tissue-engineered bone grafts have made the reconstruction of defects of the oral and maxillofacial region predictable and reliable without the need for harvesting autogenous bone. Long-term clinical studies have shown this mixture to be equivalent to or superior to avascular autogenous bone graft. This session will give a brief synopsis of the preoperative workup, preparation and procedural options for patients with congenital defects, benign tumors, post-resection defects and traumas. In addition, the speakers will briefly review initial evaluation, patient selection and state-of-the-art science regarding growth factors and autogenous bone substitutes. Emphasis will be placed on surgical technique, postoperative care and management of complications. Code: ODAM23SS14

  • This session will review the diagnosis and management of some of the more commonly encountered oral mucosal pathologies in oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. Conditions to be discussed include, but are not limited to, lichen planus, mucosal pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, leukoplakia, erythroplakia, geographic tongue, coated tongue, oral manifestations of infectious pathologies (viral, fungal, bacterial), xerostomia and burning mouth syndrome. For each entity, the path to diagnosis will be explained, and, when applicable, biopsy site selection techniques will be reviewed. The session also will focus on different topical and systemic medications that can be used in management of some of these conditions. Code: ODAM23SS11

  • This session will review a practical approach to management of the difficult airway. This approach provides clinical context, clinical pearls and pragmatism to the widely studied “Difficult Airway Algorithm.” The uses of airway adjuncts, office and/or operating room team management will be discussed. A special emphasis will be placed on pre-operative evaluation, preparation and crisis avoidance. Code: ODAM23SS10

  • The session will review etiologies of trigeminal nerve injuries, techniques for evaluation, and documentation and surgical management when indicated. Code: ODAM23SS07

  • The Women's SIG created a five-year education plan when it met at the 2022 Annual Meeting. Mentoring and sponsoring women OMSs was its top priority. This session will focus on the differences between mentoring and sponsoring, as well as how to find the right mentor for women OMSs and how they can help career/practice development. Expert speakers will cover academics, private practice and research. Code: ODAM23SS05

  • Patients with implant compilations often have systemic or local reasons for failures. The systemic factors will be reviewed based on published data. Local reason for failure will be discussed with presentation of methods with literature evidence demonstrating approaches to mitigate the problems, resulting in restoration of the patient. This session will present these procedures using literature-based clinical trial information and case series from the speaker. The techniques for soft-tissue grafting and hard-tissue augmentation will be shown in detail so attendees can utilize them at their practices. Code: ODAM23SSOD61