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  • Advanced imaging services have received significant attention over the past 10 years. Providers of such services as CT scans are required to have specific accreditation in order to receive reimbursement. While these requirements have been in place for some time, beginning Jan. 1, 2022, another set of requirements will be implemented. Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) was created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure beneficiaries are receiving the most appropriate imaging service for their clinical situation. This 90-minute webinar will discuss requirements of both advanced imaging and AUC, correct code and modifier reporting as well as impacts to reimbursement. Code: WCW211110R

  • OMS offices will be using a new set of E/M guidelines for patient visits in a facility effective January 2023. These guidelines are an extension of the 2021 changes that impacted only the Office and Other Outpatient E/M codes. Because the 2023 changes involve a larger code range (e.g., inpatient, emergency department and other non-office visits), your revenue cycle may be significantly affected. This 90-minute webinar will provide a summary of revisions, give examples of how to select the appropriate level of service to report and explore the implementation of these new E/M coding guidelines. Code: WCW221102R

  • This online course is designed especially for OMSs and OMS staff who have never attended a coding workshop and have had little or no formal training in procedural and diagnostic coding. It also is designed for the more seasoned professional looking for a comprehensive refresher of the basics. The course will teach the core elements of coding and provide an effective understanding of the CDT, CPT and ICD-10-CM coding manuals and systems. Participants will have the opportunity to test and reinforce their knowledge through basic case studies and exercises. The course proceeds at a slow, comfortable pace – dedicating sufficient time to each topic. Code: CB23

  • In the beginning, a new practice survives on the same motto as any other business: doing more with less. However, growth must accompany success. One of the most common questions received is: “How do I recruit and hire a new team member to join my practice?” This 90-minute webinar will share the best tips to recruit new rockstar team members, how to conduct successful employee interviews, key characteristics to look for in a new team member and what to do once he or she is hired. In other words, attendees will learn how to hire and retain their new favorite team member. Code: WPM220209R

  • The popular AAOMS Beyond the Basics Coding online workshop features comprehensive content to address coding guidance for the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery. In addition to existing coding assistance for anesthesia services, bone grafting, fractures, extractions and implants, this course offers insights into coding dentoalveolar procedures such as surgical exposure, surgical uprighting, soft-tissue procedures, I&Ds, cleft palate/lip procedures, wound debridement and repairs. This course also includes instruction on the E/M coding and documentation changes that took effect in 2021 and 2023. Participants must have a basic understanding of CDT, CPT and ICD-10-CM in order to comprehend the content in this course. Basic coding knowledge or completion of the AAOMS Basic Coding for OMS and ICD-10-CM for OMS online courses is highly recommended before participating in this course. Code: CW23

  • Participants of this 90-minute webinar will examine critical terms and conditions related to recruiting and negotiating the contract for a new associate surgeon for an OMS practice. Learn the significance of various terms and how to negotiate trade-offs. Discussion will take place on how to best structure the financial relationship in a fair manner while also protecting the practice and its owner(s). Code: WPM220316R

  • To take a practice to the next level, well-defined systems and proper training must be in place. When team members understand the “why” behind what they are asked to do, the practice runs more efficiently and smoothly. When all the team members recognize their purpose, they will work harder together to achieve the desired goals. This 90-minute webinar will review the importance and skills of creating the ultimate customer service experience for patients to produce a happier, motivated team and loyal, lifelong patients. Participants will learn how to understand what patients are thinking and how they process information to help increase case acceptance. Most offices have a backdoor problem, and discovering how to close it will take the focus off pursuing only new patients and help the practice’s numbers grow. Code: WPM211019R

  • This 90-minute webinar will address the importance of diversity and inclusion in modern U.S. society. The speaker will discuss how to develop cultural sensitivity and competency with patients and team members, including those with limited English proficiency, with HIPAA concerns. Strategies to promote a more inclusive working environment also will be reviewed. Code: WPM220419R

  • Do you find yourself having to play referee, psychologist and parent to get others to “play well in the sandbox?” During this 90-minute webinar, participants will unlock strategies to resolve conflict quickly and effectively. Attendees will learn how to help avoid conflict by creating a less contentious atmosphere that fosters more teamwork and customer service internally and externally. Understand how to facilitate a professional and constructive confrontation, allowing both parties to voice their opinions and hear the other person's perspective. Help separate fact from feelings and determine root causes to eliminate the actual problem(s), not just symptoms. Code: WPM221109R

  • Distinguishing between dental and medical billing may sometimes be unclear. Understanding a patient’s plan benefits and the nature of the procedure will assist in determining which steps to take next. Analyzing documentation, incorporating medical history and determining the most appropriate diagnosis code are key elements to trigger coverage and reimbursement. This 90-minute webinar will provide knowledge of how to choose the correct diagnosis code and how to cross-code between medical and dental while reviewing documentation tips that will support medical necessity. Code: WCW210210R