• 25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Implant Practice on Monday Morning*

    Dental implants are a large part of any OMS practice and oftentimes are an “afterthought” as far as marketing and referral education. This course introduces systems to not only market but educate the referral base to grow the implant practice. Code: WPM191112R

  • Coding Insights: Tools to achieve Coding Compliance and Optimal Reimbursements

    Presented by AAOMS members, this 90-minute webinar introduces the basic elements of CDT, CPT and ICD-10-CM coding systems and explain the relationship between coding and third-party reimbursement. Participants will learn the necessary tools to achieve coding compliance and attain optimal reimbursement while preventing fraud and abuse. The presentation also introduces important insurance policy language as well as examples of the most common coding errors by OMSs, such as lack of documentation or misuse of modifiers that trigger audits or poor reimbursement. Code: WCW180306R

  • Communication, Coding and Collections: The Three C’s of the Profitable Practice

    Having a profitable practice requires a team effort. From the first phone call, which could be from a referring office, to the appointment, patients are driven by what their insurance will pay. Your entire team – from the business team to the clinical team – will learn how to educate patients and help them understand the quality of care they will receive in your practice. With this patient-focused rather than insurance-driven mindset, your team will be able to provide amazing customer service and ultimately provide you with a profitable practice. Discover how excellent communication, proper coding by the team and above-average collections can impact your practice’s efficiency and financial health. Code: WCW200506R

  • Cybersecurity and Compliance*

    As the number of cyberattacks increase dramatically, the need to secure networks has never been greater. While this can be alarming, simple daily steps can be taken to maintain the privacy of patient data and protect practices against cyberattacks. This 90-minute webinar helps participants to develop the knowledge and skills needed to master the core concepts in cybersecurity and HIPAA as they pertain to practices. Code: WPM180410R

  • Documenting What You Did: Demonstrate medical necessity and crack claim denials*

    In recent years, third-party payers began changing their payment models to reflect value-based criteria. Under these payment models, healthcare providers must demonstrate high levels of quality care, efficiency and effectiveness. A key component of achieving these requirements is medical necessity. In this 90-minute webinar, the audience will learn how the role of medical necessity impacts coding/billing and why it is critical to the continued success of the practice under value-based payment systems. In addition, common documentation errors will be discussed with suggestions for improvement. By understanding medical necessity, OMS offices are more likely to create documentation policies and procedures that will help establish optimal payment and proper compliance. Code: WCW190522R

  • Effective Team Meetings – The Catalyst for Leaders*

    The modern oral surgery practice is reliant upon educated staff and cohesive team objectives. Effective team meetings are critical to ensure a consistent, successful outcome for patients, referring offices and team members. Participants will leave the webinar with necessary strategies to effectively lead and manage their team and create an accountable team approach to running their practice Code: WPM200303R

  • Fifty Ways to Jump-Start Your Implant Practice on Monday Morning*

    The field of implant dentistry has grown exponentially within the last decade. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, it is incumbent upon us to present, not only to our patients, but to our referrals, confidence and efficiency in implant placement. This course will outline specific strategies to improve the public's perception of your practice to institute systems to grow your implant practice and discuss the importance and duties of an implant treatment coordinator. The speaker will also discuss a number of ways which to position yourself in the community as the oral and maxillofacial surgery practice for not only implants, but for any oral surgery treatment. Most strategies can be instituted within weeks, if not days; and if used consistently, it is almost assured that your practice implant production will grow significantly. Code: ODAM16P801

  • Infection Prevention Update*

    Infection prevention protocols are a critical part of surgical procedures in OMS practices. This 90-minute webinar presents information on infection prevention protocols for patient safety from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The webinar also discuss the need for an infection control coordinator in OMS practices. Code: WPM181106R

  • Managed Care Contracts and What You Should Know about Provider Networks*

    The decision to become a participating provider for insurance companies is an important component of the practice's patient acquisition strategy. Choosing the right business partners that will work together with you towards a mutually successful relationship is key. Understanding the process while avoiding contracting pitfalls will reduce administrative frustration for you and your team. Code: WCW171108R

  • Medical Record Signature Requirements in 2018

    Signature validity is a major component of medical record documentation standards. Many rules and regulations are associated with physician and other provider documentation. During this 60-minute webinar, participants will learn a variety of recommendations related to medical record signatures along with some payer requirements. Code: WCW180912R